If you haven't taken to the rails for a while, it's time to rediscover train travel

Flight-Free Travel Only


All of our holidays are flight-free – we travel by rail, low emission vehicle, bicycle, boat and foot. That’s probably clear from elsewhere on our site, but it’s worth mentioning again here. Our holidays are rail-inclusive, not flight-inclusive. If you’ve read our ‘About Us’ page you’ll know why we’re passionate about promoting low carbon overland travel, but here’s more about why.

As you’ll see from the image below, travel on the European rail network is around FORTY times less environmentally damaging than short haul flights. That’s one hell of a difference.

Taking a plane from A to B is our ‘norm’ and most of us do it without a second’s thought. But there’s that early wake-up, the trip to the airport, standing in queues to be, as Arlo Guthrie famously sang “inspected, detected, infected, neglected and selected”. It doesn’t matter what class you choose, glamour and air travel are rarely bedfellows these days.

It all feels a bit like being processed. Someone stole the romance of travel itself and made everything about the destination. About the result itself rather than the means by which it is achieved. Thankfully there is another way.

Hold on to your hats folks – it’s time to rediscover the rails.



With rail travel you can avoid the airport paradigm and start your holiday with the journey itself. Travel from your home station or from London St. Pancras, or we’ll arrange a low-emission vehicle to collect you from door. As Ernest Hemingway so wisely said: “It’s good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end“.

Trains allows travel which – even at high speed – connects you to the places you traverse in a way flying can’t. It’s also far more comfortable than flying. Drink fine wines as field and forest slide past at 150 mph, then retire to your cabin for a night under fresh linen, with a bathroom of your own. With new sleeper services being launched monthly, travelling by train in Europe is only going to get better.

This is travel as it should be: just board the train and go.



Rail travel is flexible, allowing you to break up your journey wherever and whenever you choose. You might find you want to explore Vienna, Lyon, Amsterdam, Rome or Berlin on the way – and what’s to stop you? Reframe the journey as part of your holiday and enjoy travel for the sake of travel itself, rather than simply a means to an end. If you’re worrying about connections and transfers, don’t – we will arrange all of this for you.

Design your journey to become your own and leave the stresses of the air behind.



If you haven’t travelled by train for a while, especially on one of Europe’s new sleeper services, then you’re in for a surprise. You can expect comfortable seats, private cabins, fresh linen, your own bathroom (on some services) and fine wines served in stylish dining cars.

Did you know you can leave London before lunch and wake up in Vienna, Zagreb, Venice, Rome or Lisbon the following morning? How much more pleasant than elbowing your way into the Priority Boarding queue at Luton airport…



Even in the 2020’s European rail travel is not as simple to book as it should be, and it’s easy to be confuddled by the mass of complicated timetables written in unfamiliar languages.

That’s where we come in. With Wild Europe Travel, we do all the rail bookings for you, from the London to Paris Eurostar to the overnight Thello sleeper to Venice, and all the transfers in between. All you need to do is tell us when and where you want to go, pack your bags and leave.

Surprisingly Fast


One can get a long way in a short time in Europe. This is a tiny continent, and much of it can be reached in under 24 hours by rail from the UK. Each of our destination pages gives an idea of how long it takes to reach the country from the UK, and we are always happy to talk you through the various options.

High-speed rail travel across Europe has changed the way the continent is connected, and the resurgence of sleeper services makes the onward connections a pleasure. No disgusting plane food, no jet lag, no swollen ankles. This is proper travel in real style.

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Train Switzerland Lake Geneva

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