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There are more Wild Europe destinations than you might think. Telegraph travel writer Gavin Haines wrote recently in his column that having given up flying, his holidays have become more adventurous and that Europe had become what felt like his playground.

We absolutely know what he means. Many of us have had the pleasure and privilege of being able to fly to anywhere our hearts may have desired, and what a joy is has often been. But Europe is a continent of unique diversity and manageable scale. It has an astonishing number of languages and distinct cultures crammed into just 2% of the earth’s surface. Not to mention the variety of landscape, topography, geology and natural history. One could spend several lifetimes getting to know Europe intimately.

Join us on a Wild Europe Adventure


Our trips are for people who want to understand the places they travel to. We want our guests to meet local people and to become friends with the folks whose homelands they are visiting. This is true luxury in a world too often sanitized by uniformity. This is exactly what we rebel against, and hopefully we create trips with enduring great memories. You can find a little more about our ethos here.

Here’s an interactive map showing all of our Wild Europe destinations: